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Understanding Effective

Learning Support


Find out more information about the support being offered. Once you feel comfortable, register to join. We will gain an understanding of effective learning support together. 


Access a variety of resources to improve and problem-solve support for learning. Resource include training modules, informational documents, and an educators guide.


Join the community. Reach out to others in the forum. Read what others are writing or post your own questions and comments. We can do more together.

A Learning Lab

Positive. Encouraging. Supportive.


This learning lab is a partnership with parents (or guardians) and schools to collectively support learning. We all have an important role in the learning process of our children. Together we will seek to further our understanding of effective learning support in order to optimize the support we provide for learning. 

We are committed to reaching out to all partners interested in a deeper understanding of effective learning supports. As a partnership, we can create meaningful relationships and provide support for learning that results in the attainment of our common goals.


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